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In partnerships with Local Councils and organisations, we provide workshops both online and face-to-face to educate and empower parents to use modern cloth nappies for their baby.

Workshops with Demonstration

A cloth nappy workshop presents a unique style of adult-focused education both online and face-to-face.

Workshops are interactive and are aimed at pregnant and new parents looking to learn about cloth nappies to avoid the use of disposable baby nappies.

Workshops can compliment or support existing cloth nappy rebate programs or waste education initiatives of the council.  We can tailor the workshops to suit the waste and sustainability goals for their organisation.

Facilitated by Emma, the founder of Cloth Baby, workshops provide knowledge, awareness and information needed to start and use cloth nappies until the child is toilet trained.


‘I attended Emma’s Cloth Nappy workshop this week to get all the info I needed to make a decision about the best approach for change over to cloth nappies. It was excellent. There’s so many brands out there I really didn’t want to waste money trying all the different ones before I found what works for us. She’s done all the ground work and knows the best products and best steps to make it work easily. Thanks Emma’

Kate N, VIC

 ‘I went to a Modern Cloth Diaper workshop hosted by Emma and left feeling really confident with my decision to use cloth diapers when our newborn arrives. It was very informative and Emma was happy to answer any questions and address concerns we all had – particularly about laundering the diapers. Thanks Emma’

Bec S, VIC

‘I attended Emma’s Cloth Nappy workshop and she was very genuine and real. Her suggestions in overcoming any problems people might have were sensitive to their situations. It was very informative and made the switch to using cloth nappies appealing and simple’

Sarah T, VIC


If you represent a Local Council or community organisation and are looking to host a workshop, please get in contact with Emma for further information