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Top 20 reusables to switch to this Plastic Free July, beyond reusable baby nappies

This Plastic Free July, let’s #choosetoreuse everyday items, replacing single use plastics with more sustainable options.  We have collated the top 20 mother-baby reusable items you can start to swap now and that includes products beyond reusable baby nappies! Either start using them this month or make it a goal by the end of 2020 to make the switch.  


In 2019, we sent more than 21 million tonnes of waste to landfill. Whilst increasing our recycling efforts, population growth and consumption of products still keeps our waste at an all time high.  


Reducing our plastic is more important in the year 2020.  The whole world has been impacted by COVID-19 with a shift to single use plastics in a way to combat this virus.  As the dust settles and infection rates are kept under wraps, let’s not forget about our plastic free habits and what we could achieve. 


Below are 1-10 of the reusables  We will be bringing you the remainder of the 20 in the second part of July – stay tuned! 


Reusable baby nappies

Newborn nappy 

When newborns enter the world, they vary greatly in size from as small as ~2kg right up to 5kg!  From a previous post about the styles of reusable baby nappies, you may remember that there are two main types of modern cloth nappies: Newborn and One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM). 

Newborn nappies are great to start cloth from day one, fitting the smallest of little bundles of joy. The benefit of newborn reusbale baby nappies means you will get a good fit and you are ready to start your cloth nappy routine from the start. 

Cloth Baby stocks both the Bubblebubs Bam Bams and new Bubblebubs Bo Peep  (a mini Candie nappy!) which both fit baby from birth to 8kg.  The cover of the Bo Peep fits perfectly over the Bam Bams too, making it a great interchangeable nappy option.


All in one nappy

An All-in-one nappy would have to be, hands down, the most straightforward style of reusable baby nappies.  There is no folding or finding extra inserts with this nappy! This nappy makes a great option for carers and day care cloth users.  Baby Beeinds All-in-one nappies comes in newborn, small, medium and large.


All in two nappy

An All-in-two nappy is a two-piece system. The outer waterproof cover (shell) and the absorbent insert which is snapped into the cover. For this reusable baby nappy, the insert can be removed after use and the shell used again with a new clean insert if desired. 

The Baby Beehinds Magicall and Bubblebubs Candie are an example of an All-in-two nappy


Pocket nappy

A pocket nappy holds all of the absorbency within a sewn in pocket which makes up the waterproof shell of the nappy. You can use anything to tailor the absorbency of a pocket nappy, for example, adding more boosting towards the front of the nappy for a boy or tummy sleeper.   

The Seedling Baby Multifit pocket nappy and the Baby Beehinds Multifit nappy are great examples of quality pocket nappies.  


Fitted nappy

Fitted nappies will fit any shape baby.  A fitted nappy will require a cover as the nappy is simply a cotton or bamboo/cotton/hemp blended fabric.   You can adapt this nappy to add extra boosting (when baby’s wetting habits increase) over the nappy before you put on the cover.   

The Bubblebubs Bam Bams nappy is an example of a fitted nappy


Night nappy

A dedicated night nappy is designed to last longer hours than an everyday cloth nappy.  This is because you may not be changing your baby as frequently at night as you do during the day (cause we all want a full nights sleep!!).  During the first six months, you will most likely be able to get away with boosting your current nappies. As your baby gets older and may wet more frequently, it is a good idea to invest in a dedicated night nappy to ensure a good fit and no leaks.  

Our favourite and ‘bomb-proof’ night nappy is the Baby Beehinds Night Nappy which comes in a medium and large.  Followed closely by the Bubblebubs Candies night inserts – these inserts are much thicker and fit straight into the Candie nappy shells


Reusable Baby Accessories

Cloth Wipes

Even if you aren’t using reusable baby nappies, cloth wipes are such a great option.  So much nicer on baby’s skin and you literally only need one wipe to do the whole clean! We love the Cheeky Wipes system as you are set up, with wet wipes ready to go and a place to store them once used. Too Easy!


Don’t stress about the ban on plastic bags when needing to store dirty nappies or baby clothes, a wetbag is a waterproof bag that will serve the same purpose. Use mini wetbags to store wet cloth wipes in and use double pocket wetbags to separate dirty from clean. And of course they are all washable and reusable!


I’ll never forget when I was in a shared parenting room at a shopping centre and someone was using a disposable change mat…..WHY?! Do you dispose of the clothes when they get dirty too? So the changemat has made it to the list of reusables You can easily distinguish which side is for baby and which side for the table. And with a stash of a few changemats, use a new one each outing

Snap + extend

Baby clothes could be described as ‘Fast Fashion’ owing to the fact that they grow so quickly in their first year of life.  What started as a way to reduce the number of baby bodysuit onesies needed for one baby came the Snap & Extend.  This product extends the length of baby onesies, avoiding having to buy yet another onesie that is the next size up! How many sizes in 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1’s do you own?  Babies grow quickly and having to buy less clothing for them is a win for your pocket and for fast fashion. Plus these are great to use with reusable baby nappies when you just need that extra length.  


Are you planning to make some of these switches to reusables this month? We will be sharing a log more within our Cloth Mummas VIP group on Facebook. This is a place for upcoming, new and seasoned cloth nappy users to discuss all things mums and babies. Please join in, we’d love to hear from you. 

Making the cloth nappy switch and wanting to know more about the washing? Download your 5 step guide on How To Wash Cloth Nappies to better understand and make washing day a breeze.