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Eco Baby gift for expecting mum

Giving an Eco Baby Gift when you can’t be there in person

I definitely feel for all the new babies entering this world. Let alone into the conditions of a global pandemic but also the parents who may not be able to have close family and friends visiting and family and friends who want to get those newborn cuddles! The least we could do is send them a baby gift, to let them know that their new baby is welcomed into the world and that we are thinking of them.

Waste, not want

Gifting is more prominent than ever, especially when we are living through social restrictions and we have a world of possibilities at our fingertips through online shopping. By giving a gift to someone, we are showing that we care and we are thinking of the person, whether it be through special occasion or reaching out. Unwanted gifts will inevitably make their way to landfill. In fact, in 2018 Australians spent $400 million on 10 million unwanted Christmas gifts, many of which were discarded to end up in landfill.

Gifts should be memorable, purposeful and useful.

Remember back when…

Do you remember the gifts you received when you had a baby? Perhaps they were sentimental? Or perhaps you received a few pairs of baby shoes – the ones that never stay on (because what baby walks with shoes when first born?!) Putting thought into a gift speaks words to the receiver and will be remembered for years to come.

We are all consumers, be it for ourselves or for other people. When gifting to new parents, consider an eco baby gift: a gift that will have little impact on the planet and a positive impact on the receiver.

How can I make my gift sustainable?

There are three easy things you can consider when wanting to give a sustainable gift to a new parent. [These are inspired from Ekko.World, an organisation which scores the sustainability of a product (just like health star ratings on packaging tell us how healthy a food is), we can begin to understand how sustainable a product is.]

What is the gift made from?

Everything from organic to natural fibres to recycled plastic.
If this is important to you and the gift receiver, then have a close
look at what the product is made from and where the materials have been sourced.

How will the gift be used?

Is the product a single use item that the receiver will have to eventually bin?
Is it a toy that needs batteries to be replaced regularly?
Instead consider an experience such as tickets or a gift voucher?
Another good question to ask is – does the receiver need this item?

How will the gift be disposed of?

Hopefully your receiver is not contemplating disposing your gift any time soon!
However there may come a time when the item is no longer needed or does break or date.
Is it a recyclable or compostable product or can it be repaired?
Can it be passed on for others to use? Is it something that can be
disposed of in one of the kerbside bins or do they need to take it to a
transfer station/recycling centre as electrical waste and bulky items cannot go in any kerbside bins.

And don’t forget the packaging

Have you ever purchased an eco product online and it comes to you wrapped in plastic? Probably not what you signed up for. When shopping online, see if you can easily tell what an online store’s eco packaging will be. Hint – sometimes you can gauge this from their social media posts and reviews too, or message them and ask.

Bonus points for purchasing an online gift close to the receiver, you are supporting their local business and the distance the gift has to travel is reduced.

Give the gift that keeps on giving

Your receiver may not consider all of these factors however they will remember what is in it for them and what drives them to enjoy and make good use of your gift. Ultimately, we would like to be remembered by the receiver when gifting; that essentially is the gift that keeps on giving. After all, we have made the effort to go out of our way to find something for someone who means something to us.

Skip the landfill and go ZERO WASTE

Of course you can! Find gifts that don’t need to be thrown away, ones that can be reused, repurposed or passed on thanks to their quality and durability. Over the coming week, you can follow the 5 R’s of Zero Waste – RELATE | REUSE | REDUCE | REPURPOSE | REVEAL which we will be featuring over on Instagram

The Eco Baby Bag, give a zero waste gift

Say ‘Welcome Eco-baby’ with the ultimate sustainable baby bundle – The Eco Baby Bag. This bag is an introductory to cloth nappies and reusable baby items, making it the perfect gift for expecting parents to start their waste-free journey.  The Eco Baby Bag is filled with sustainable and practical baby items to use and reuse when their baby arrives.

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Emma Avery

About the Author: Emma Avery is the owner and founder of Cloth Baby – modern cloth nappies.  As a mother of two, she has spent the time to test and trail a variety of cloth nappies, now passing on her insights and learnings so that other parents can use cloth nappies easily and successfully.  
After years of spruiking sustainability messages in local and state government roles, she saw a gap in the conversation about modern cloth nappies.  Emma helps parents who want to reduce their waste impact on the planet and make the switch to reusables during their transition to parenthood. 
A bin nerd at heart, Emma is a guru in all aspects of sustainability. With a degree in environmental management, she continues to communicate the sustainable living message through podcast interviews, pubic speaking, local radio shows, guest blogging and her blog writing on clothbaby.com.au