About Cloth Baby

Cloth Baby was founded to help new parents to start using cloth nappies successfully.

Hello and welcome to Cloth Baby – all things modern cloth nappies and avoiding waste from day one.

I’m Emma, a sustainability guru, coffee lover, mother of two with a passion for finding easy solutions to avoiding waste.  

I have founded Cloth Baby to help new parents navigate the vast world of reusable baby nappies. When I became a parent, the first thing I did was look for cloth nappies for my babies. I was dismayed by the level of plastic waste that disposable nappies created and the complexity of choosing what types of modern cloth nappies to invest in, when my light-bulb moment struck: if I was finding it difficult to source quality cloth nappies, then other parents would be too. This led me to start my business, Cloth Baby. 

 I have done the research and leg-work for you. Cloth Baby provides award winning, Australian brands of modern cloth nappies and accessories.  A simplified selection of the best brands on the market makes your cloth nappy journey a straightforward one.

We offer support and advice to ensure ongoing success with your washable nappies via our VIP Cloth Mummas Facebook page and through Pop-Up Demos, workshops and 1:1 video calls. This is an opportunity for new parents to see nappies and ask questions before purchase.