About Cloth Baby

Cloth Baby was founded in 2019 to help new parents to start using cloth nappies successfully.

Hello and welcome to Cloth Baby – all things modern cloth nappies and avoiding waste from day 1. I’m Emma and I have founded Cloth Baby to help new parents navigate the vast world of modern cloth nappies. I am a mother of two and have trialed and tested many types of modern cloth nappies for two very different sized children.

Our aim is to make starting cloth nappies as easy as possible. We have done the research and leg-work and have selected three different award winning Australian brands of modern cloth nappies to offer parents a simplified selection when deciding what nappy suits their baby and lifestyle.

We offer support and advice to ensure ongoing success with your cloth nappies. Online video chats are available to make sure you are clear on what you need or want in a cloth nappy.  New parents have found this a really helpful way to better familiarise themselves when deciding to go cloth.

There are endless cloth nappy options and as a new mother, I was overwhelmed with information. I was also confused, had many mishaps and wished I knew now about correct fit, washing and tips and tricks to make things easier. Cloth Baby aims to make this information easy to understand to make your cloth nappy journey a successful one.
Cloth Baby hosts Pop-Up Demos throughout Victoria and Southern NSW for new parents to come and see the nappies plus find out how to best fit their child to ensure that the correct nappy works for your baby. Stay connected via Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about these and more upcoming events.