About Cloth Baby

Hi, I’m Emma the Sustainability Guru behind Cloth Baby – modern cloth nappies. 

I help parents who want to reduce their waste and impact on the planet, starting with reusable nappies.

After years spruiking to and educating householders about living sustainably, I ventured into motherhood with little knowledge of how to address the disposable nappy waste issue.  Choosing and using reusable cloth nappies involved a lot of research and trialling to understand the different styles, fits and brands.

My knowledge bank and success stories is now what I share with you. 

Which lead me to make a stand on waste

The game changer for community action on waste was the ABC’s screening of the War on Waste. (Craig Reucassel, I 💚 you and thank you for making my job just that bit easier.) I thought; surely there will be an episode on all things cloth nappies! As I tuned in each week, this was the one topic that was overlooked.  

And with that, I made it my mission to bring the disposable nappy waste issue, for every child’s 6,500 nappy changes, into the spotlight (you’re welcome Craig!) You can read more about the impact cloth nappies makes here

Cloth Baby provides award winning, Australian high quality brands of cloth nappies to set parents up for success.  I offer support and advice so parents are able to choose and use cloth nappies with confidence via the  VIP Cloth Mummas Facebook page, blog posts and  1:1 video calls with me.