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summer essentials for eco parents

6 summer essentials for the sustainably minded parent


Summer is here and all the babes are gathering! Hooray for sunshine, and the festive season, especially if you have had a year of being locked down or locked in…summer this year is definitely something to get excited about!

As we all start to socialise again, whether it be holidaying and or getting out and about in general, make sure you’ve got your eco summer baby essentials sorted.

To help you, I’ve put together 6 useful tips and items to help you spend your summer sustainably.

1. Reusbale Swim Nappies

Top of the list would have to be reusable swim nappies. Essential for indoor pools but overall for babies and toddlers who aren’t yet toilet trained, a reusable swim nappy can do the job. A swim nappy doesn’t have any absorbency, and needs to fit well to contain any accidents whilst in the water.

Cloth Baby stocks a range of swim nappies, perfect for every baby size. Plus the great thing about these, like reusable nappies, you will want to show off the gorgeous prints!

2. Wetbags for out and about

I love a good wetbag or seven, and having them as a part of my children’s nappy bag, daycare bag and even change-of-clothes spare bag in the car makes organising essentials a lot easier. Double pocket wetbags are great for separating clean from dirty, wet from dry, for all sorts of things. Definitely the easy option to grab and snap to the handle of the pram when heading out.

3. Reusable wipes

Cloth wipes make a great alternative for hand and face cleaning and if you are a user of these, you would agree that these work ten times better for a clean job than the thin disposable wipes. Use a mini wetbag to store wet cloth wipes when heading out or the Cheeky Wipes all in one kit which includes out and about bags – one for clean and one for dirty wipes so you can really keep on top of what goes where.

4. Nappy off time

Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s time to see more of your baby’s soft skin! Giving your baby nappy off time allows for more air circulation around the skin and can also prevent nappy rash. This is also a good time for your baby to kick and move freely.

To make nappy off time a lot easier, the Seedling Baby Home + Go Mats are generously sized at 100cm x 70cm and have a waterproof PUL layer to prevent any leaks onto the floor.

5. Holidays away from home

You can still use cloth if you will be away from home, especially if you are staying with friends/family over the holiday time. Opt for a modern cloth nappy that dries quickly with extra insert options. For example, the Seedling Baby Multi-fit pocket nappies have a super quick drying shell. Once the shell is dry, use more diversifolds to make up more nappies whilst the other inserts (diviserfolds) are drying.

6. Hot tip!

If anything this summer, remember that extreme heat and high temperatures can damage your nappies in direct sunlight. Don’t forget to dry your nappies in the shade on extreme heat days (is it too hot for you to stand out in the sun?) or hang them out overnight to dry and bring them in first thing in the morning.

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