Top 20 Reusables to switch to this Plastic Free July, beyond Reusable Cloth Nappies (11-20)

Welcome to the second half of Plastic Free July! How has it been treating you?  Have you been able to make some changes, even if small and few, to swap out single use plastics?  

There has been some great discussion in the Cloth Mummas VIP group on Facebook. Here we have been highlighting the top 1-10 of eco baby items for reusable cloth nappies and reusable baby accessories.   If you are not yet a member, we would love to welcome you in!  Plus, there are giveaways and a Plastic Free Prize Pack to be won at the end of the month. 

We now get to focus on eco products 11-20 that you can make the swap with which go beyond and even compliment reusable cloth nappies.  These apply to the mums and broader family life because, lets face it, when you bring a newborn baby into the world, you’re increasing your family’s need for even more items and care.  


Reusable and eco products for Mums

Breast pads/breast pads

Reusable breast pads/nursing pads are easy to use, super absorbent & so simple just to pop in the wash.  They are much nicer on those sensitive nipples! A small stash of these, will save your back pocket and nipples!  Plus, when you are finished breastfeeding, re purpose these as make up remover pads

Eco pads

Eco Pads – the waste free alternative to disposable menstrual pads. We wash reusable baby nappies so why not cloth pads too?! ⁣You’ll be surprised, eco pads are so soft and comfortable….it’s the most natural way to take care of your menstrual needs, once you try these you will never go back – and the beauty if you will never run out! Think of the disposable pads that will be avoided in landfill.⁣

Keep cups/Reusable take away mugs

Yes, you can still use your reusable hot beverage cup at a cafe however during this COVID-19 time, understand that cafe owners may be under a bit more pressure than normal.  Best approach would be to have a super-duper-clean-and-shiny keep cup that you have washed yourself and start a conversation with your local cafe owner about them accommodating your cup.  If you are a local to your cafe, this may be even more easy than you think.  Responsible Cafes provides more in-depth info with recommendations from relevant health ministers.  

Water bottles

First months of pregnancy can leave you feeling like a parched desert in drought, trust me, you will always be looking for a water bottle or 2 or 3 around the house! Of course a refillable water bottle is the best, with tap water the best option. Hot tip: Great eco gift for a first time mum!

Stainless Steel Pegs
(ok this one is for the partners too!) 

Enter more bodies into the world, enter more washing! When you have a newborn, there will inevitably be more washing, whether you use reusable cloth nappies or not! Getting rid of those pesky, crappy plastic pegs makes any washing pegging a much better experience, plus rids the crumbling and snapping old plastic pegs, failing one by one in your grip! >>  Need a peg top up, refresh or restart? We have recently added stainless steel pegs to our range and you can grab some here! <<


Reusable and eco products for the whole family 

Food pouches

Refilling baby food pouches is an easy way to cut down on the single use food packaging for babies and toddlers. Plus, you know what’s in them.  Make a batch and freeze, then easily grab one out for the day.  You can fill any made baby puree or even yogurt. You can generally find refillable food pouches at your local health food store. 

Training pants

When your little one is ready to toilet train, a reusable training pant can save multiple nappy changes or accidents.  The Baby Beehinds training pants look and feel like kids underwear and provide a waterproof yet breathable PUL outer.  There is the option to also include a snap in insert for more absorbency for naps or car trips.  

Toy library

Being a part of a toy library is a fantastic way to expose your child to new playing experiences, whilst not having to actually purchase more toys.  Quite the same as a book library, you can choose a toy and return it after a couple of weeks. This is particularly useful to reduce the need for storage of large items and change around the activities. You can search for a toy library near you through Toy Library Australia 

Hand me downs/second hand items

Nothing says sustainable living more than opting for second hand or pre-loved items.  By choosing these items, you are reusing what is out there, rather than opting for new.  Baby clothes make the perfect hand-me-down as babies grow so quickly, they barely get time to wear out a stash of onesies.  Even some preloved baby clothes makes a great eco baby shower gift from one mum to another. 

St Kilda Mums/Geelong Mums/Eureka Mums

St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums work to re-home preloved nursery and baby goods to support Victorian families in need while saving the earth’s precious resources.

These organisations collect, sort and redistribute essential nursery equipment, clothing, books and toys for babies and school age children across Victoria.  

You can donate your unwanted and usable baby items at their warehouse in Clayton, Vic. Or if you are or know of a child who is in need, you can apply and find out more information through

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