Giving modern cloth nappies as a gift – what you need to know

Modern cloth nappies make a great gift for expecting parents.  A gift of cloth nappies will set the parents up to save money and reduce their waste from the beginning, when bringing a newborn into the world.  

Cloth nappies also make a great option for baby showers, especially if the parents already have a lot of the essentials.  

A lot of grandparents-to-be will come to me, wanting to give their daughters or sons a set of cloth nappies to use for the grandchildren.  To many, this gift stems from the grandparents having used cloth nappies on their children and now they would like to see the same for their grandchildren.  

The good news is that parents these days will most likely choose modern cloth nappies over the traditional terry towelling variety however as you may know, the decisions can be a bit overwhelming with choices, especially when you want to new parents to use and enjoy your gift.  

A gift of cloth nappies helps with the initial cost for the parents to be to start out on their cloth nappy journey.  A set of cloth nappies will save new parents up to $2,000 in the first years of their baby’s life. (Disposable nappy cost until the child is toilet trained can be up to $3,000, a full set of cloth nappies (24 nappies) will cost around $800.  Even factoring in washing costs, it is still cheaper to use cloth!)

Whether you are a grandparent-to-be, family member or awesome thoughtful friend, we have taken a few gift giving scenarios that your gift receivers may fall into, with the items listed available on the Cloth Baby website.


The parents know about cloth nappies and want to use cloth from birth

It is fantastic if the parents are looking to be ready to go cloth when the baby is born.  Using cloth nappies from the newborn stage will work best with newborn sized nappies. A fitted nappy is a great option that can fit to any newborn size and last up to when the baby reaches 8kg.  These require a nappy cover and can be interchanged with just two covers throughout the day.  


The parents would love to give cloth nappies a go, however want something economical and straight forward 

In a previous post, I explained the difference between newborn and one-size-fits-most nappies.  A couple of nappies that can be made to work from birth through to toilet training are the Seedling Baby Pocket nappy – using the insert directly folded onto the newborn and the pocket as a cover, then moving to the insert within the pocket around the three month mark.  The Bubblebubs Candies can also work from newborn, however have been reported to be somewhat bulky in the first weeks.  These do make a great all-rounder nappy!


The parents are keen on cloth nappies but not sure where to start

Different styles of nappies will suit different babies.  There are many varieties of modern cloth nappies on the market however a trial pack for One-Size-Fits-Most nappies will give them a sample of three different nappies and the ability to make their own conclusions on what will work well for them.  A How-To-Wash poster will give guidance on correct washing methods, laminated for laundry conditions, this will act as an easy prompt come washing day. 


The parents are still unsure about whether they will use cloth nappies

Some parents may not launch into cloth nappies right away for a variety of reasons.  A great starting point for cloth is simply reusable cloth wipes. The Cheeky Wipes system is an easy way to reduce disposable wipes and become familiar reusing a cloth based products.  


Waste-free baby gift pack

Not sure if the gift of nappies will be the right one?  A great option to get the parents thinking about reusable baby items is a gift pack that includes a changemat, double pocket wetbag, Snap & Extend bodysuit extender plus a cloth nappy keyring. Pair this with a Cheeky Wipes Trial set and you will be setting them up for a good start.  


We also have options of gift packs which include a nappy, changemat, mini wetbag and cloth nappy key ring.  And last but not least, if you would like the decision to be up to the parents, a gift voucher is a great option.