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Eco solutions for parents to reduce their impact on the planet

Cloth Baby stocks the best reusable baby nappies and accessories from quality, award winning, Australian brands all in one place.

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raising an eco baby zero waste Emma Avery

Raising an Eco Baby: is zero waste possible?

Raising a baby is a whole different ball game to what our own parents played in raising us.  We have better and probably more products at our disposal and with so much technology and innovation at our fingertips and we have learnt a lot from the past.   The truth is

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Meet the award winning brands of the best reusable cloth nappies

All the brands we stock have been developed and perfected by Australian owned business. These businesses are long standing and have given the time to perfect their product to provide washable nappies that don’t cost the planet.

And exactly what awards and achievements do these reusable cloth nappies brands have to show? The Australian Nappy Association hosts the national Cloth Nappy Awards, where the best reusable nappies are voted by users – mums, dads, grandparents and carers. Here are the results:

Baby Beehinds – providing reusable cloth nappies for over 16 years

Baby Beehinds have been established in Australia for 16 years and are still going strong. Their reusable Swim Nappy, Night Nappy and Magicall All-In-One have ALL won Gold awards at the most recent Australian Nappy Association Cloth Nappy Awards, making these some of the best reusable baby nappies out there!

It is no surprise that Baby Beehinds night nappy wins gold. This night nappy is literally bomb proof and does last the whole night. This night nappy contains 23 layers of soft absorbing bamboo/fleece, making it an unbeatable nappy. And the great thing about this night nappy is that the snap-in inserts are compatible with the Magicall All-In-Two.

Magicall All-In-One is one of the most easy nappies to use – no adjusting sizes and able to be quickly fitted with velcro. This is an easy go-to nappy for carers and parents.

reusable swim nappy would have to be one of the best selling swim nappies. This nappy is made of the same quality material, elastics and fittings as their entire nappy range, making this nappy of high quality. With adjustable rise snaps and velcro closure, this swim nappy will last from newborn through to toilet training.

Cloth Baby also stock the training nappy pants which act like a pull-up undie, are waterproof and have adjustable absorbency. Nappy Pants are a great way to keep using cloth during toilet training

Baby Beehinds also took out Silver at the AusMumpreneur Awards 2019 for the Sustainable Business category.

Seedling Baby – Icon Multi-fit Pocket nappy, versatile reusable baby nappies from birth to toilet training

Seedling Baby have spent the last 13 years not only retailing other great cloth nappy brands, but developing their own modern cloth nappies. After more than a decade, they have refined what they know and love in a cloth nappy to develop the beautifully designed Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket nappy. Their simplified approach to washable nappies makes it an easy, yet versatile choice when it comes to making the decision on what cloth nappy to use.

Suppling retailers with their amazing washable nappies has shone through in their awards. For the retailer’s choice awards, Seedling Baby scored the Best One Size Nappy: Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket nappy, Best Accessory: Beach Bag, Best Traditional Nappy: Diversifolds (also a form of bamboo cloth nappies) and overall BEST BRAND! This comes at no surprise as the simplicity is liked by all and when we can communicate something easily, the more effective our customers are able to understand.

Bubblebubs – specialising in newborn cloth nappies

Bubblebubs is one of Australian largest cloth nappy brands with an aim of ‘bums in cloth’ and empowering parents to use cloth nappies for the past 16 years.

Their bespoke Bam Bams voted best newborn cloth nappy by both consumers and retailers. These newborn cloth nappies fit from the very small premmie up to 8kg. They are soft against the baby’s skin and with a newborn sized waterproof cover, these newborn cloth nappies will contain anything that the bundle of joy can throw at it!

Bubblebubs are also well known for their Candies, voted best One-Size-Fits-Most modern cloth nappy. This all-in-two cloth nappy is easy to use, easy to wash and will last from birth to toilet training.

We can get caught up in all things ‘modern’ however flat nappies shouldn’t be forgotten, being extremely durable, economical, and customisable to fit baby every time. Yes, they might be more work to fold, but just ask your own parents, they will eventually become second nature. Bubblebubs Bamboo Terry Flats are trim and a super thirsty material. This style of bamboo cloth nappies have taken out the award for Best Traditional Cloth Nappy.

Cheeky wipes – compliment washable nappies with washable cloth wipes

Cheeky Wipes are the product you wish you knew about when you were having children. This is the complete cloth wipes reusable system for in and out of the home. The system is simple – clean wipes ready to go in the fresh containers, dirty wipes ready to be washed in the dirty containers.

Cheeky Wipes were voted best Cloth Nappy Accessory in the Australian Cloth Nappy Awards for three years in a row!

Using reusable cloth wipes is a non-toxic way to care for your baby and avoid waste to landfill. Cheeky Wipes products are an easy way to start your reusable journey before you start to use reusable cloth nappies.

Bellelis – ensuring onesies fit over modern cloth nappies as baby continues to grow

Have you ever thought about the number of onesies/bodysuits a baby will go through? With babies quickly outgrowing sizes 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, this will add up to 35-40 baby bodysuits in their first year of life! Fast fashion is a real issue and to keep up with growing babies, this can even add to the issue!

Enter the Snap & Extend – bodysuit extender. Handmade in Australia, this extender attaches to the bottom of the baby’s body suit, extending the life of the suit when the baby grows out of it. The snaps are compatible with most Australian brands of bodysuits and onesies.

Bodysuit extenders are perfect for cloth nappies, especially if night time nappies are just that bit larger. Extenders will double the time that a baby bodysuit is used and reduces the amount of clothes needed within the first year, saving you money and saving fast fashion.

Clearly, we could talk about this awesome product all day and this is why Bellelis took out Silver at the AusMumpreneur Awards for the Handmade business.

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